I was born in Syracuse, NY in 1966. I was always drawing, ever since my mother would give me junk-mail to scribble on as a very small child. I took art classes before and throughout school, both in and outside of the school setting. I was amongst the best draftspersons in my class throughout primary- and middle-school. In high-school, I won a Scholastic Gold Key Award for the very first doll I ever made. I also had two teachers there who influenced me greatly, and I feel that they were on the level of college professors. They started me on the road I was to take subsequently.

I went to Swain School of Design in New Bedford, MA, a small art college which has since become (and was then in the process of becoming) a part of the greater U-Mass, Dartmouth College. I graduated in 1989 and went on to pursue my own path outside of school.

Since then I have had paintings hanging in the Syracuse Public Library, and the Gemini and Underground Galleries in Syracuse (my paintings in the Underground show were well-reviewed); I won prizes - Honorable Mentions at the Lilac Gallery in Syracuse and the Syracuse Public Library. also a 3rd-place yellow ribbon from the New York State Fair for a 3-dimensional piece - the main part of which fell apart a few years ago, but I have since replaced this part of the sculpture with one that’s even better! After moving to DC, I had work shown at the Signal 66 Gallery and Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.

After moving to Sayre, PA from DC, I had a 1-woman show at “The Main Link” in Sayre in 2006, and my work was hung at “Sense & Serendipity” in Dushore in 2007. I have been selling work since 1990.

I feel that these days, I am on the verge of great things... My biggest ambition is to get accepted into the world-class gallery "Agora", in NYC. To that end, I am creating a series of totally different images than any I have done before, being abstract (based upon digital work I have done).

I had a show at "The Acoustic Caf`e" in Waverly, NY of both my paintings and my more recent work, which are mixed-media sculptures.

The paintings are based upon Celtic mythology; they portray various Celtic deities in an iconic style. I have used many faces in these icons, also there is a straight portrait. I utilize shimmer & interference pigments and real 23-k gold leaf and gemstones in my work; this is also true of my sculptures, which include many different materials.

My 3-dimensional work can be characterized as “exquisite sculptures that you can hold in the palm of your hand”. The largest one is 7"w x 11"h x 1½"d (“Butterfly Annie!”). The rest are between 2 ½ and 7" high.

I have been accepted into the show, "The Light Fantastic", at the Main Street Gallery in Groton, NY. The piece accepted is titled "La Luna Dolorosa"; it is a glow-in-the-dark sculpture of a moon-face with glass eyes, and highlighted with white gold.

My sculptures are meant to represent the world’s cultures, as many as I could manage to portray! There is even an element of other worlds...


  • dolls
  • painting
  • mystical
  • digital


  • sculpture
  • dolls
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  • painting
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